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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Thoughts on the Mars Edit Solution

Now that I see it, I am actually not sure how I feel about combining annotated referrals with my original content on Educational Technology and Life. It feels as if some things aught to just go away into a FURL archive. I've always been happy that this was a reliable source of actual original content, even if the posting was a bit sporadic. Perhaps I will use this feed only for elements I have a substantial response to.

However, if I am to follow the model set by Scripting News, which I really enjoy reading - both for the brief posts and the substantial ones, perhaps I should include my brief reactions to more referrals here after all. Perhaps I'll try it for a week. :)

Most importantly, what say you, readers? Anyone have an opinion to share?

Also, anyone have any suggestions for categories or tags in blogger? Or suggestions for importing MSN Spaces or FURL items into blogger? (Or alternatively, any suggestions for importing my blogger items into another tool altogether that could handle all of this?)

Thanks for reading. :)


At 8:16 PM, Blogger David Brussin said...

I think its a question of audience... I subscribe to your blog and your furl, and like the fact that they are distinct. I subscribe to the furl/delicious feed for a few people, but only close friends. For the vast majority of the 100+ feeds in my NNW right now, I would not subscribe to an additional feed for furl/delicious, and it is available for some number of them.

For your general audience, I think its an editorial decision. If its worth posting on in ET&L, and the referral is just the catalyst, then go for it. If its a link someone IM'd you, or a picture of what you had for lunch, or something else you wouldn't ordinarily talk about on ET&L, then furl that puppy so the people who put you in their Friends group in NNW can check it out. :)


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