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Monday, December 26, 2005

Vacation Blog Break

I don't like to let this blog go more than a week without an update, but I find myself with three good reasons for a blog break...

1.) I'm on vacation from the Orange County Department of Education - and from Walden University since I am setting my own schedule there - and so will not be generating much in the way of content that belongs here.

2.) I still have a very serious "and Life" issue that requires my full attention... and I can finally give it the time it deserves now that I am on vacation.

3.) I will have plenty of time to myself to catch up on my blogging next week, when Eva will be out of town on a road trip with her girl friends.

In the meantime I may find cause for interrupting the blog break... and I will continue to read all my feeds, so I may very continue posting to my FURL archive and feed.

These topics are in the queue for when I return...

- John Dewey's Democracy and Education
- John Dewey's Experience and Education
- John Dewey's "My Pedagogic Creed"
- Reflections on World of Warcraft (Fueled by discussion with my brother James who grew up playing paper and dice role playing games with me.)
- And more... time for that break though. ;)

Happy holidays to all, and if I don't get back to it... happy new year! (Man, I just realized my blogiversary went uncelebrated back on December 7th... maybe I'll have to celebrate my blogger-versary instead... in February.)

Thanks for reading.



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