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Monday, November 07, 2005

Frustration with Non-connective Writing

Or would that be unconnected writing?

It's funny, just when Will is finally finding a name for (and struggling with) the writing we are all excited about, I am participating in a delphi study which necessitates that I keep my answers to questions confidential throughout several iterations of a survey. But I'm writing good stuff and wish I could share it here! How will I (or anyone for that matter) reap the benefits of connectedness if I can't... share.

Well, back to writing that won't be seen here for a long time. This is a really weird feeling... not unlike realizing some of my friends and colleagues would probably not appreciate the Mark's Mail project I dreamed up a few days ago. :)


UPDATE: Jarek Janio, author of the delphi study I mentioned above has left a comment below and I've replied. I didn't want subscribers to miss it. :)


At 10:44 PM, Blogger Jarek said...

Well, I am not sure why you would not be able to share your thoughts here Mark. You can look at the Delphi literature to check, but I think that experts on your panel can contact anyone to enrich their answers at any time during a given round. They just cannot contact each other. Would you say that the technique could be improved with blogging?
Something to think about, huh?

At 11:06 PM, Blogger Mark Wagner said...

Thanks for the comment, Jarek! I think I often come off more harsh than I mean to. I am interested to see how the Delphi process work from the inside.

Since you mention it, I actually think that blogging... or connective writing... is very like the Delphi process in that we all write, read each others writing, and then write more - and our thoughts are better for it. The difference is, blogging is not anonymous and issue of ego and defensiveness surely come into play, however open, egalitarian, and humble the blogging culture is, or tries to be.

At 7:07 PM, Blogger Jarek said...

What if blogging differs from Delphi in goals? No matter how extensive the discussion, blogging could probably be defined as a forum to facilitate the exchange of thoughts. I think that Alder and Ziglio (1996) talked about Delphi as a "structured discussion." I would interpret the word "structured" in this context as a framework leading to culmination of given objectives.


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