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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Reflection on the Purpose of "Educational Technology and Life"

As I sit here, finally, with some time between events to sit and think, I realize that much of what I have been processing is not directly related to Educational Technology, and so may be irrelevant to this audience. While I think it is probably a positive thing to show a little humanity with the occasional "and life" post, I don't want this blog to deteriorate into a journal.

Also, I realized the research I am paying to do is more important to me right now. ;)

So, I am giving up my attempts to "catch up" (at least until there is something burning and relevant to post), and I am off to either work in my dorm room, or carry some books down to the lounge so I can at least be around people while I work. Books, for crying out loud! Far too little of human knowledge is digitized and freely available, even in this field (or at least the academic instances of it). Just as I shared my coursework here, my dissertation is going straight online when I am done, as will my KAMs in the meantime.

Thanks for reading.



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