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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Games in Education, A Scholarly Presentation

Well, I promised on Monday I would post my presentation to the school of education colloquium. I hope that other readers of this blog might find it interesting as well. This is my first podcast in a while. (You should use my feedburner feed in the right hand panel if you want to receive the podcast via subscription).

The Audio

The Slides

I tried using my .Mac account to post these remotely this time, but it seems to mean they are compressed as .zip files. I hope this isn't a problem for anyone... may break any automated podcasting, though.

Also, I know this is lazy podcasting because I didn't properly tag this... or take the time to rename it for that matter... and I need to learn from Robert Craven how to do the visual bookmarks (with the slides for instance!)... but at least it is posted, and I can always make it nicer in the future.

Thanks for reading. And, as always, I welcome any comments.



At 5:48 AM, Blogger Jean-Claude Bradley said...

I enjoyed looking at your slides and have your audio queued up for my next commute. I just gave a talk yesterday demonstrating the use of Unreal Tournament to teach Organic Chemistry:
gaming talk

This is an open source project and the invitation is open to gamers/teachers/students outside of Drexel to contribute to map development and testing. Currently our maps are running on the Drexel LAN but we can put them on the net if there is interest. The edufrag development blog is here:

I look forward to following your work through your blog posts. If you are ever in Philly let me know if you would like to give a talk. I know it would interest a lot of people here.


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